Welcome to the 2021 DFNI Americas Awards

To celebrate the new year with a fresh start, DFNI is pleased to launch a special edition of the DFNI travel retail awards programme that will focus on the positives to emerge from 2020. Against the backdrop of an unprecedented crisis, when the travel retail world saw international borders close, retailers shutter their doors and businesses scaling down, many took swift action to pivot the way they operate.

Airports, retailers and suppliers are thinking outside of the box and as such we are pleased to announce special categories for 2021 to recognise and celebrate how travel retail stakeholders have transformed through the crisis and their initiatives to support the community and do good. Perhaps your business has stepped up its commitments to sustainability, provided the community with PPE or medical supplies or maybe you have adapted in a way that prevented job losses or even win new business. We feel these initiatives should be applauded in light of the special circumstances.

The first of our series of events, the DFNI Americas Awards 2021 will take place as a virtual event as part of the Summit of the Americas – a Virtual Experience of which DFNI is an Official Preferred Media Partner. The virtual award ceremony will be held on 7 April at 12.00PM EST (5.00PM GMT). Register to attend the awards presentation here.